TOP 003: The Safety of Commercial Dog Food with Adrian and Pamela Pettyan

Caru Pet Food

Photo credit: Caru Pet Food

Thank you for tuning into our 3rd episode of Theory of Pets podcast! If you didn’t have a chance to listen to last week’s episode, I’d like to invite you to check out episode 2, in which I discuss adopting a dog that matches your lifestyle.

Oftentimes, potential pet parents choose their new furry companion based on looks or size alone. There are many more factors that you should be considering when deciding which dog breed to adopt.

This week, I’m switching gears to discuss pet food. This is the most commonly talked about subject when it comes to dogs, and I wanted to shed a bit of light on the subject by chatting with Adrian Pettyan and Pamela Pettyan, founders of Caru Pet Food. They explain the importance of feeding your pet a high quality dog food and the things that we should be looking for in the diet that we feed our canine companions.

Adrian and Pamela also discuss the many dangers of commercial dog food and what we should be trying to avoid. If you make your dog food decision based on price alone, you may be saddened to learn about some of the harmful ingredients in many of the top selling brands.

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