TOP 005: How to Keep a Dog Safe with Fencing with Martin Havrilla

Fence for dogs


For this week’s episode, I jumped to something completely new but very important for all pet owners – keeping dogs safe outdoors and how to do it right.

Hopefully you were able to listen to last week’s podcast. I had the pleasure of speaking with Eric Shannon, founder of Big Barker Dog Beds, and Dr. Sarah Wooten, a practicing veterinarian located in Colorado. We discussed the importance of giving your dog a high quality bed and the benefits that it can have for his joints. Did you realize that a well-made dog bed can add to your pup’s quality of life and benefit his overall health and well-being?

Today, I’m talking about how to keep your dog safe with fencing, and I was able to speak with Martin Havrilla about the topic. Martin is the office manager at Easy Pet Fence.

Not only do we discuss the importance of containing your dog in your yard, we also chat about the dangers of electronic fencing and the advantages of a physical barrier. Many dog owners don’t begin to think about fencing in their canine companion until he’s already run away. This is a topic that is best researched before you even bring your new furry friend home.

Did you know that fencing can be an effective way to keep your cats safe too? I never really thought about, as I live in a very rural area and our cats enjoy wandering around outside. Martin told me all about the benefits of cat fencing and how it can not only keep your pets in, but keep others out.

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