TOP 007: The Humanization of Pet Food with Dr Jennifer Adolphe, PhD

Dr Jennifer Adophe, PhD

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We’re jumping into a much different topic for today’s episode, and discussing one of the most popular themes in the pet industry – pet food that we feed our animal companions. I was always interested in the humanization of pet food and the trends that we’re noticing right now. As pet owners, we see our furry friends as members of our family and we want to treat them that way.

Would you feed your partner or your children processed food with a list of ingredients that you couldn’t understand? Would you feed them products from companies that have issued numerous food recalls in the past few years? Unlikely. But why do some pet owners do this with their dogs and cats?

I spoke with Dr. Jennifer Adolphe, PhD, a senior pet nutritionist for the company Petcurean. Dr Adolphe started her career working in human nutrition, but switched to pet nutrition later on. In this episode we’re discussing the many different pet food diets available and what we can do as pet owners to ensure our animals are getting the nutrition that they need and avoid things that are harmful to them.

On top of that, we also talk about the humanization of pet food and the growing trends in the pet industry right now. Could the vegan diet be right for your dog or cat? Maybe the raw food diet would give your pooch the nutrition that his body requires? Tune into our seventh episode to learn more about this and everything related to the pet food market of today.

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