TOP 011: How to Deal With Separation Anxiety in Pets ft. Michele Dixon

Michele Dixon


Separation anxiety in pets is arguably the most common issue pet parents have to deal with, but many owners don’t understand the causes or the treatments. Symptoms can range from mild issues, like panting and pacing, to severe problems, like destructive behavior. It’s important for every pet owner to know what to look for and understand the available separation anxiety treatment options available for their furry friends.

Michele Dixon is a certified health and nutrition specialist for Petcurean, a pet food company focused on meeting every dog’s individual nutritional needs. She also has a background in dog training, and has lots of tips and tricks to share about separation anxiety in pets and particularly how to treat it. This week we chatted about this topic and discussed the importance of educating owners on dangers and treatments of separation anxiety.

Naturally, starting when your dog or cat is very young should be the key to preventing separation anxiety, but there are still ways to help an adult dog or cat without any separation anxiety medications. Michele explains that for dogs, working with an experienced dog trainer can often reduce the symptoms of the condition and possibly clear it up altogether. She also explains what to do if your pet has a severe case of separation anxiety and the different products available to help calm him down.

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