TOP 013: Advantages of Dog Health Trackers ft. James Andrews, DVM

James Andrews

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Pet health trackers for dogs (also referred to as activity trackers) have been growing in popularity in recent years. They help keep an eye on your pet and record his activity and behavior throughout the day. They’re especially beneficial for pet owners who work outside their home, but can have advantages for stay-at-home pet parents too.

Along with many other benefits, pet health trackers have the ability to record your dog’s behavior over long periods of time and send the data to a smartphone app. You can easily see any changes in your dog’s regular behavior that may alert you to a medical problem.

James Andrews is the founder of Felcana, a company focused on pet technology. James is also a veterinarian, and he began to grow frustrated seeing pet after pet come in for treatment for a disease that could have been caught much earlier if the owner knew the signs to look for. That’s what inspired him to start Felcana and launch their new pet health tracker.

I talked with James about the importance of monitoring your pet closely for early signs of some of the most common diseases such as canine arthritis or canine diabetes. There are many advantages to using pet activity trackers, and we discussed all of them. You may be surprised to realize that a small investment in a pet health tracker now could save you thousands of dollars in the future.

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