TOP 016: How Technology Helps Us Learn About Our Pets ft. Rachel Youens

Pet cameras have been growing in popularity like crazy, and chances are you’ve heard about them too already, right? Maybe you’ve seen the commercials or seen the funny videos that pet owners post on social media of what their dogs do in the house when no one else is home. I’ve been thinking about getting a pet camera to keep an eye on our Boxer who has a touch of separation anxiety, but I want more information before I make a decision.

I’m not the most tech savvy person out there, so if you’re like me this information will be very beneficial. This week I spoke with Rachel Youens, Senior Marketing Manager at Petcube. She told me about some of the growing trends in the pet technology market and what we’re likely to see coming in the future. She also explained how technology can help owners take better care of their pets.

The Petcube camera offers a few features that other similar products don’t, but Rachel also gives some pointers on some of the features you should be looking for when you’re shopping for a pet camera. She explained that some cameras are better than others, and there are some features that are worth a little bit of a higher price tag.

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