TOP 019: Don’t Judge a Dog By His Bark ft. Richie Camden (Sled Dog Musher)

Shelter dogs may not always be what they seem. A dog that barks and paces frantically in a shelter may actually be a very quiet and well-mannered house dog. Shelters are an overwhelming environment filled with smells and sounds that most dogs aren’t familiar with. Thankfully, there are people like Richie Camden who understand this and take the time to get to know the dog before passing judgment.

I live in Maine, so sled dog racing is quite a popular winter sport here. I don’t know much about the sport myself, but I do enjoy going to races and watching the incredible dogs at work. When I heard about Richie I knew I had to speak with him and hear his story. You see, Richie is a musher whose team is comprised of Siberian Huskies who have been rescued from shelters.

Richie tells the story of his pack in this week’s episode, and I hope it inspires you to see shelter dogs in a whole new light. He explains that his dogs aren’t just for work. All 14 dogs live in the house with his family. They are pets first and sled dogs second. In this episode you’ll hear Richie explain that his goal isn’t to win sled dog races, it’s to adopt homeless pets and give them a quality, loving home where they can be happy and comfortable.

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