TOP 020: What Is Holistic Veterinary Medicine?

Holistic veterinary care for pets is not as cut and dry as some people think. This week I’m talking about what holistic care for pets is and what to expect if you’re thinking about finding a holistic veterinarian in your area. Do you know the differences between holistic veterinary medicine and traditional veterinary care?

Holistic does not mean organic or natural, and it doesn’t mean that your pooch will have to start smelling incense and doing doggy yoga. Holistic care looks at the entire animal, not just the symptoms that he is presenting. Not only is a great way to help your pet, but it may actually save you money by reducing the need for costly traditional treatments.

Working with a holistic veterinary team may be the best choice for your young pet or your aging senior. In this week’s episode I explain the different types of treatments that may be recommended by a holistic veterinarian and what that means for the pet owner. Why would your dog need chiropractic care? Will you have the time to treat your pet holistically? Will these treatments fit into your budget?

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