TOP 021: Veterinary Telemedicine for Pets ft. James Andrews, DVM

Have you tried telemedicine for health advice? Most of us have sought health advice from the internet for ourselves or someone in our household. But have you ever thought about trying it for your pets? This week I wanted to find out if veterinary telemedicine was a reliable way to seek treatment for our dogs and cats.

I spoke with James Andrews, DVM, to gain some insight on this growing market. James is a veterinarian who also has an interest in technology. In December of last year I spoke with him about his vet tech company, Felcana. This week I wanted to ask his opinion of the veterinary telemedicine field currently, and how he thinks we will see it develop in the future.

James gave me some great tips for pet owners who are interested in using telemedicine right now. While it is a suitable way to seek treatment for some conditions in dogs and cats, we really shouldn’t be fully reliant on it just yet.

James explained that there is a lot of information that veterinarians still do not have access to when they are only able to see pictures or videos of our animals. He also gave some great insight into how he thinks veterinary telemedicine will progress in the future and the kinds of diagnostic gadgets that we may soon be able to purchase for our pets.

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