TOP 022: Are Subscription Dog Food Services Worth the Cost ft. Marco Giannini

There are so many subscription services for pets. It seems like every time I get online there is an advertisement for a new type of subscription service for dogs or cats. From dog food to treats and toys to grooming supplies, you can get everything you need for your pooch shipped right to your door. But, are these subscription services worth it?

I had the pleasure of interviewing Marco Giannini this week. Marco is the CEO of The Naked Dog Box. While the name definitely drew me in, it’s the dog food inside that really caught my attention. The Naked Dog is a subscription service that will deliver high quality dog food to your door every two weeks.

Marco explained the benefits of this subscription service and also shared some tips on how to save a little money when signing up for these services.

Also, he shares the promo code TopDogTips10 for our readers and listeners to try their first box of The Naked Dog food for just $10. Listen to the interview and check out the company’s website before deciding if this is right for you, but keep in mind that subscription services are much more convenient than taking weekly trips to the pet store.

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