TOP 024: Intervertebral Disc Disease and Back Brace for Dogs ft. Lisa Luckenbach

This week our family has been dealing with a canine issue. Our furry nephew, my brother’s dog, has injured his back. The veterinarian says that surgery is the only way to fix the problem. My brother immediately called me to see if I had any knowledge on the subject of back injuries in dogs, and sadly I didn’t have much to tell him.

However, I knew someone that could help! Lisa Luckenback is the creator of the Wiggleless Back Brace for Dogs. When my brother called, I quickly realized that back issues in dogs are something that we don’t typically educate ourselves about until we’re faced with the problem. Sadly, they are more common than most pet owners realize, and we should really know the signs and symptoms in advance.

This week Lisa agreed to speak with me about back issues in dogs and tell us a little bit about why she created the Wiggleless back brace. She also explains why this brace is so unique. In this week’s podcast, Lisa shares her knowledge of common back injuries and which breeds are most susceptible to back problems.

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