TOP 026: Who Can Benefit From Feeding Homemade Dog Food

Whenever the topic of homemade pet food comes up, I’m always asked if it’s really that much better than commercial pet food. Unfortunately, that’s not a simple answer. Homemade pet food is MUCH better than SOME commercial pet food products. However, there are also some very high quality, safe, healthy and nutritious pet food products on the market.

The benefits aren’t just health related either, which surprises a lot of people. Making your pet’s meals gives you a peace of mind that you’ll never be able to have while serving commercial food to your companion. When you make homemade food, you know exactly which ingredients are being used, the quality of those ingredients and how the food is prepared. You’ll never have to worry about a recall on the food that you’re feeding your pet.

This week I discuss these advantages of homemade pet food, along with many others. I’ll explain whether homemade dog food is the right option for you and your pet or whether a commercial diet would be a better option. As always, when considering a change in your pet’s diet, you need to consult your veterinarian or a trained canine nutritionist first.

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