TOP 028: Dogs As Healers ft. Mark Winik

If you’ve ever had a special bond with a dog, you can fully understand the amazing healing powers that these animals have. Really, it’s not just dogs – all pets have a way of helping us heal. Whether we’re struggling with emotional issues or physical problems, something about the love and affection of a dog can really turn things around.

Mark Winik spoke with me this week about an eye opening experience that he had with dogs. He learned the power of dogs as healers, and wanted to share that experience with the world. That’s just what he has done with is book The Dog Healers. It’s an inspiring story that any dog owner or dog lover can relate to. In fact, this is a great read for anyone looking for an uplifting novel.

Not only is Mark an author, he’s also working on a documentary. He has set out to film a documentary detailing the stories of people who have been healed by dogs. He’s already spoken with a number of people who have been positively affected by a canine companion, and he’s still looking for more. If you’ve got a story to share with him, you can email [email protected].

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