TOP 029: Why Does Premium Pet Food Cost So Much ft. Dr Jennifer Adolphe, PhD

This week I’m welcoming Dr. Jennifer Adolphe, PhD back to the show! She is a pet nutritionist for Petcurean, and the company has recently released a new line of premium pet foods called GATHER. Last time we spoke about the humanization of pet food and the current trends that we’re seeing in the pet food industry. As humans wise up about the chemicals and artificial ingredients in the food that we eat, we’re also noticing that the food we’re feeding our pets is also full of these ingredients.

Pet owners are pushing for foods made with organic, natural ingredients. We’re also seeing some human diet trends – like raw food and the Paleo diet – crossing over into the pet food industry. Unfortunately, as the quality of the food goes up, so do the price tags. So, why does premium pet food cost so much?

Dr. Adolphe answers this question and many more in this week’s podcast episode. She also discusses the issues surrounding sustainability in the pet food industry. GATHER is sustainably produced and made with certified and organic ingredients. Why is sustainability important when it comes to pet food? You’ll find out in this week’s episode!

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