TOP 034: How Kids and Dogs Help Each Other ft. Dr Jody A. Dean

Kids and dogs – it’s a controversial topic that will probably never be agreed upon in my lifetime. I’m often asked about raising children with pets, and in my opinion the advantages greatly outweigh any disadvantages that you may be thinking of. In our family, our children have never known life without pets. I know it’s had a positive impact on them, and this week I wanted to talk to an expert on the subject to get some more information.

Dr. Jody Dean has written a book, Roxie the Doxie Finds Her Forever Home, that is based on the real experience that she’s had adopting her Dachshund Roxie. It details the adoption process and discusses some of the feelings that someone being adopted may feel throughout the process. It also talks about Roxie’s life in her new home, including the responsibilities that are required to care for a dog and Roxie’s success in competitions.

In this week’s podcast, I explain what happened when I read this book to my children, and Dr. Dean explains the benefits of raising children with dogs. She also discusses the importance of choosing a dog that is right for your family and not just adopting the first cute face that you see in a shelter. Because she is a therapist for children, she also discusses the benefits that dogs can have for children on an emotional level.

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