TOP 035: How To Market Your Pet Products ft. Jonathan from Dog’s Choice

Do you have a great idea for a pet product that has not been created yet? Maybe your pet had a special need and you created a product to help them? Would you be interested in marketing your product to consumers? How do you get your product off the ground?

That’s exactly what I’m discussing this week with my guest, Jonathan from Dog’s Choice Dog Wash. Dog’s Choice hasn’t hit the market yet. Jonathan is in the process of trying to get his product funded for development. He’s hoping to begin manufacturing and distributing his grooming products by the end of the year.

But, what does this entail? Would you know how to raise money to get your product manufactured? What do you do once you have enough money for production? All of these questions are answered in this week’s podcast, and you’ll get some information on Dog’s Choice – the first customizable dog wash – as well.

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