TOP 036: How Seasons Affect Your Pet’s Dietary Needs

Did you know that the changing of seasons may require a change in your pet’s diet? As we transition from summer to fall and winter, this is an important topic to discuss. Many of us believe that our pet’s diet only needs to change as they age (for example, from puppyhood to adulthood and again when they become a senior). In fact, there are many reasons why your pet’s diet may need to be altered.

This week I was able to have an email exchange with Dr. Jeff Werber, a veterinarian and spokesperson for Mars Petcare. Mars is one of the leading companies in the world when it comes to pet care and pet products. Their brands include world leaders like Banfield Pet Hospital, IAMS, EUKANUBA, Pedigree and Nutro.

Dr. Werber discussed pet nutrition with me, and how the change in seasons can affect your pet’s dietary needs as well as the current pet obesity epidemic. In this new solo podcast episode you’ll learn about the dietary needs of pets in every season and the importance of consulting with your veterinarian before making any changes to your Fido’s diet. I’ll also be discussing some of the most important things to look for (and stay away from) when shopping for a commercial pet food diet.

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