TOP 037: Wet Foods vs Dry Kibble ft. Dr Jennifer Adolphe, PhD

Dr. Jennifer Adolphe, PhD is back with some great information to share with pet owners about the differences between wet and dry kibble. She discusses how to choose the right diet for your dog and the advantages and disadvantages or wet and dry diets. She will also be sharing some helpful tips for dog owner who may be interested in transitioning their pet to a new diet.

One of the things that many pet owners don’t realize when shopping for a food for their furry companion is the quality of the packaging and how that can affect the food itself. If you’re buying a high quality, all-natural food for your pet with no artificial ingredients, toxins and chemicals could still be leeching into the food through the packaging.

A new type of packaging from Tetra Pak is being used by Petcurean and other pet food companies to reduce these risks. They are making food packages (which are also becoming more popular in the human food industry) that are made from renewable resources. The packages are specifically engineered to keep out bacteria, and the food is actually cooked right inside the package! Dr. Adolphe talks more about this unbelievable new packaging option in today’s podcast.

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