TOP 038: Trainer’s Tips on Dealing with Anxiety in Dogs and Cats

Anxiety in pets is becoming more and more common. As most owners must work outside the home, we are also seeing more pets being left alone for a large part of the day. How can you tell if that naughty behavior just requires additional training or if it’s a sign of pet anxiety?

If you’re already pretty sure that it’s anxiety, how do you know that it is because of an environmental variable? What if the emotional and behavior symptoms are also stemming from an underlying healthy condition? Jessa Paschke is a professional pet trainer with Mars Petcare, and she told me all about the signs and symptoms of pet anxiety that you should be looking for and what to do if you notice them.

Jessa shares some great information for beginner and advanced pet owners in this week’s episode. She also gives us some great resources to use to educate ourselves about pet anxiety and discusses a few products that may help you when trying to cope with your pet’s condition.

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