TOP 044: Dogtology – Do We Worship Our Pets? ft. Jeff Lazarus

What is Dogtology? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out all the details, but author Jeff Lazarus is here to chat with me about this term that he coined. Have you noticed that dogs and cats seem to be everywhere you look nowadays? They are used in commercials and advertisements, and the pet industry has EXPLODED in the last decade.

Do we worship our dogs and cats? You may not think you do, but once you listen to what Jeff has to say you may quickly realize just how much our lives are centered around our furry companions. Jeff’s hilarious books Dogtology and Catakism are delightful reads that every pet owner can relate to. And, the books aren’t all about humor. There are also some great tips for communicating with your pets and understanding what they are trying to tell you.

In this week’s podcast episode, Jeff explains how he came up with the idea behind these books. He also explains how as a pet owner or writer about pets you can go about getting your book idea off the ground, if that’s something that you’ve been thinking about.

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