TOP 047: Exciting Ways to Get Active With Your Dog

It’s finally starting to feel like spring, and I can’t wait to get back outside with my dogs. The winters in Maine (where I live) are long. Very long! With 5-8 feet of snow blanketing the ground in the winter months, it can be challenging to get outdoor exercise. It mostly consists of regular walks and playing around in our yard.

But, with spring comes the revival of all of my favorite human/dog activities. Since we do have such long winters, I really try to make the most of the spring, summer and fall. We love hiking with our dogs, but I know that’s not for everyone. This week I decided to share some of my favorite activities to do with your dog when the weather is nice.

From paddle boarding to agility work, I’ve covered a ton of fun dog-friendly activities in this episode! I also talk briefly about the things you need to consider when selecting an activity to do with your dog. All dogs are different, and you definitely need to find something that will be fun for you and your Fido.

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