TOP 049: Clean Eating for Pets – What It Is and Is It Worth It ft. Arren Beach

Clean eating is a very simple term, literally. It just means the act of eating foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. Clean foods are those that are minimally processed or not processed at all. Clean foods have no artificial fillers, colors or preservatives. They are just simple, whole foods that are close to natural as they can possibly be.

As with many other health food trends, we’re beginning to see the clean eating trend take over the pet food industry. Owners want more than natural, organic ingredients in their pet’s food. They want simple, unprocessed ingredients that are full of nutritional benefits. They don’t want unnecessary ingredients either. Pet owners want their dogs and cats to eat nutritious food made with ingredients that serve a nutritional purpose.

NUTRO has come out with new FEED CLEAN recipes that offer this type of nutrition to pet owners. I spoke with Arren Beach, NUTRO brand manager to find out more about the clean eating trend and how it may affect the pet food industry in the coming years. We also discuss how to choose a quality food for your canine companion without breaking your budget.

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