TOP 050: What Are Dog DNA Tests and Are They Reliable ft. Ashley Troutman

DNA tests for dogs are very similar to those for humans. Whether you’ve used one yourself or you’ve seen one performed on television, you’re probably familiar with these cheek swab tests. Human DNA tests can tell us whether we’re related to one another and how strong that relation is. They can also give us some insight onto our genetic makeup.

Did you know that you can get the same type of information about your dog? Dog DNA tests can tell you a lot more than just the breeds that your Fido is made up of. Of course, it depends on the brand of test that you choose. Every company runs a different set of tests, which means that you’ll get different results depending on the test you purchase.

Embark is one of the leading doggy DNA test companies, and I wanted to see what set this brand apart from others. Ashley Troutman, a representative from Embark, spoke with me about the different types of dog DNA tests on the market, what we can learn from these tests, and what types of innovations may be coming to the canine genetics field in the future.

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