TOP 052: Getting Active with Your Dog ft. Liz Claflin

Now that spring is here, pet owners everywhere are looking forward to getting out and getting active with their dogs. There are many things that you can do with your canine companion from daily walks to agility training. Whether you have a senior pooch or a playful puppy, it would benefit you both to get out and get active together.

This week I had the chance to chat with Liz Claflin, the Director of Operations at Zoom Room. Zoom Room is a franchised indoor dog training gym that offers traditional training classes, advanced training classes and doggy playgroups. Liz knows all about the importance of keeping a dog active and stimulating a canine mentally to prevent boredom.

In this interview, Liz discusses the many different ways to can get out and about with your dog and how to keep Fido safe while doing so. She discusses the supplies you’ll need while adventuring with your dog and the best ways to find dog-friendly establishments in your area.  Liz also tells us all about Zoom Room and how you can find a location near you.

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