TOP 054: The Benefits of Cannabidiol for Pets

Medicinal marijuana has become quite a hot topic in the human health field in recent years. We’ve seen some states legalize medicinal marijuana, while others are extremely opposed to the practice. With all of this talk about the benefits of medicinal marijuana for humans, many people overlook the benefits that this plant may have for our canine companions.

Cannabidiol  (CBD) is a naturally occurring component in the hemp plant. It does not include THC, which is the chemical in marijuana that makes you high. Pet owners around the country have been using CBD to treat canine health conditions for years, and now some manufacturers are making easy to give this natural treatment to our pets.

What are the full benefits of CBD dogs? Is it safe? Is it an effective treatment? What health conditions can it help with? This week I spoke with Kat, founder of Austin and Kat, to answer all of these questions and find out more about her growing business that produces CBD infused oils and treats for pets.

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