TOP 055: What Are Puppy Mills and How to Avoid Them ft. Kenzie Bushman of PETA

Puppy mills – we’ve all heard the term, but do you know what these breeding facilities really are, and how they’re classified? Are you aware of how to avoid purchasing dogs from puppy mill? Finally, what should you do if you discover a puppy mill in your local area?

I was able to discuss all of these questions with Kenzie Bushman, Action Team Coordinator for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). She explained PETA’s stance on puppy mills and gave me some important tips that perspective pet owners should keep in mind.

The bottom line? PETA urges perspective pet parents to adopt one of the millions of shelter animals waiting for homes instead of purchasing a puppy. Even if you are looking for a specific breed and want a purebred dog, there are rescue organizations that deal explicitly with purebred dogs.

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