TOP 056: The Benefits of Fresh Food for Pets ft. Brett from The Farmer’s Dog

Fresh food is exactly what it sounds like – fresh, whole food ingredients. No processed junk. No preservatives or fillers. It’s just real food that you can see and smell. Now, think about the food you feed your dog? Does it fall into this category?

The majority of pet owners feed their companion animals a dry kibble. Can you see the ingredients in the food? If there were 10 bowls of kibble (each from a different brand) in a row, could you pick out the brand that you feed your pet? With fresh food, you don’t need to trust a manufacturer to be honest about the ingredients in the food they prepare. You can see all the different ingredients, and I bet your dog would notice a big difference too!

Today I spoke with the Co-Founder of The Farmer’s Dog, a dog food subscription company that produces fresh food for dogs. They use a questionnaire to learn about your dog and send you proportioned meals that will meet your pup’s specific nutritional needs. What are the benefits of fresh food? Is a subscription dog food service worth the cost? You’ll find out in this week’s podcast episode.

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