TOP 058: Choosing the Right Nutrition for Your Pet ft. Eric Huston

Picking the right type of nutrition for your dogs and cats can be quite overwhelming for pet owners. There are so many options to choose from. How do you know which product is the best choice for your furry companion?  Reading labels can be confusing, and online research is time consuming.

Eric Huston is the marketing director for Mars Petcare U.S., and today he’s sharing some tips and tricks for pet owners who are struggling with choosing a diet for their dog or cat. He’s also sharing information about two new lines developed by Mars Petcare that are made with high quality protein sources and added superfood ingredients.

In this week’s podcast, Eric and I discuss the current trends in the pet food industry and how those trends are affecting the way that pet owners are shopping. You’ll also learn about what companies like Mars are doing to meet the demands of these trends and what you should be looking out for when shopping the pet food isles of your local store.

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