TOP 059: Coley’s Toxins as Treatment for Canine Cancer ft. Donald MacAdam

When I heard about Coley’s Toxins I knew I couldn’t keep this information to myself. They were invented in 1893 by Dr. William Coley who used them to treat about 1,000 cancer patients with better results than would be expected with a comparable group of patients today. Clinical results from this treatment have included complete cures of inoperable and/or metastatic lymphoma, breast cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer and melanoma.

Today I discussed Coley’s Toxins with Donald MacAdam, the author of The Reinvention of Coley’s Toxins. We discussed the treatment itself, and how it has been used to treat canine cancer in recent years. Here is a brief excerpt from the book that we discuss in this podcast:

The first curative cancer treatment in dogs was reported at the 1907 conference of the American Medical Association in a paper read aloud during the Section on Pathology and Physiology and subsequently published in the AMA Journal. The paper reported on the results of experiments conducted by Martha Tracy and Silas Beebe on the effect of injecting actively growing cancerous tumors with several different bacterial toxins including the formulation of Coley’s Toxins made for the personal use of Dr. Coley.

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