TOP 061: Pets in the Workplace ft. Paul LeBlanc

Don’t you wish every day could be take your dog to work day? Some employers are realizing that dogs are a big part of many families. While being considerate that working parents may need time off to tend to sick children or attend sports and school functions, most companies don’t take consideration for their employees’ pets. Paul LeBlanc, founder of Zogics and Zogics Pets, is hoping that this fact will change in the future.

Not only has Paul created a rapidly growing business, his company has also quickly become one of the most pet-friendly companies in the nation! Is it a coincidence that they have also been elected as one of Inc. Magazine’s ‘Best Workplaces’ in 2018? I don’t think so, and I wanted to chat with Paul about the benefits of a pet-friendly workplace in this week’s episode.

In this podcast, Paul will explain why it is important for him to offer a pet-friendly workplace for his employees. He will also discuss the benefits of this type of work environment for his employees and the growth of his business.

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