TOP 063: The ‘No-Kill Initiative’ and How You Can Help ft. Terran Tull

According to Best Friends Animal Society, more than 4,100 animals are euthanized in America’s shelters every day! There are many organizations fighting to stop the euthanization of shelter animals, but there are still hundreds of establishments around the world that follow this practice. If an animal is at the shelter for a certain length of time (usually 30-90 days) and they haven’t been adopted, they are euthanized.

This is a tragic practice that Best Friends is focused on stopping. Their ‘No-Kill Initiative’ has already saved the lives of countless pets, and they’re hoping that it will be a country-wide reality within the next few years. Today I was fortunate enough to speak with Terran Tull, a Dogtown Behavior Consultant for Best Friends Animal Society.

In this podcast interview Terran gives tips for potential owners who are thinking of purchasing a pet instead of adopting. She also explains what the ‘No-Kill Initiative’ is and its plans for the future. If you’re not currently able to adopt an animal in need of a home, Terran also explains many things that you can do to help your local shelter without having to open your home to a dog or cat.

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