TOP 064: Tips for Leash Training a Dog ft. Tom Shelby

When it comes to training a dog, there are so many methods, tips and tricks out there that it can be impossible to decide which is right for you. Tom Shelby is the author of Dog Training Diaries: Proven Expert Tips and Tricks to Live in Harmony with Your Dog, and I had the pleasure of speaking with him about his chosen method of canine training.

I really enjoy and relate to Tom’s “depends” dog training method. He calls himself a “depends trainer,” because he says that the training style used depends on the dog, the situation, the environment and other variables. I have trained many dogs over the years, and I completely agree with this method.

Today, Tom explains more about his experience as a trainer and gives some great pointers for owners who are struggling with leash training. Leash training can be quite difficult with larger breeds, dogs that pull and/or dogs that have leash aggression. When is it time to throw in the towel and consult a professional for help? Tom discusses all of that and more in this week’s episode.

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