TOP 067: CBD for Pets and What You Need to Know ft. Odessa Gunn

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is becoming a growing treatment in the human and veterinary medical fields. CBD is a substance extracted from the hemp plant, which makes it a controversial topic in either industry. As more research is being done on the effectiveness of CBD on health conditions such as cancer, arthritis, stress and anxiety, more and more people are seeking this treatment for themselves and their pets.

This week I was fortunate enough to speak with Odessa Gunn. Odessa began her career as a professional bike racer, which took her to many different countries around the world. While traveling, she saw that animal welfare was a huge problem everywhere she went. Odessa has been rescuing animals around the world for over a decade, and her work has recently earned her a ‘Local Hero Award’ for her rescue efforts in China during the Yulin Meat Festival.

Odessa has also fostered more than 200 animals over the years, and currently has 21 rescue animals on her small farm. Many of these foster animals have had health conditions, which is what pushed Odessa to seek natural treatments that wouldn’t have the harmful side effects of many pharmaceuticals. She found CBD oil and has seen its many health benefits for humans and animals first hand. Now, she’s started her own company, Odessa’s Essential Health, that focuses on CBD products.

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