TOP 071: How Diet Can Affect Your Pet’s Skin and Coat ft. Dr Jennifer Adolphe

Skin and coat health go hand-in-hand. If your dog has dry, itchy skin, his coat is likely going to be dry and brittle too. Most pet owners think of grooming products first when brainstorming ways to help moisturize and condition their pet’s skin and coat. Did you know that proper nutrition is one of the best ways to help pets with skin issues?

Dr. Jennifer Adolphe is a regular guest on my podcast. She is the senior nutritionist for Petcurean, and is speaking with me today about how your pet’s meals can affect their skin and coat health. Dr. Adolphe has a PhD in pet nutrition, and she is my go-to resource for all things related to a pet’s diet.

Today she’s sharing some tips and tricks for pet owners who are trying to improve the condition of their pet’s skin and coat. She will also share helpful information about choosing the right dog food/ingredients for pet’s with skin allergies, as well as which ingredients you should be avoiding. If you’re wondering whether or not your pet may be suffering with skin allergies, Dr. Adolphe also describes the signs and symptoms you should be looking for in this week’s podcast episode.

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