TOP 072: The Importance of Transparency in the Pet Food Industry ft. Lindsay Tracy

The dictionary defines something that is transparent as being something that is easy to perceive or detect. Transparency in the pet food industry means that a company should offer all the information that a pet owner needs to detect the quality of their product. What ingredients are used in the making of the product? Where are these ingredients sourced? How is the product prepared?

Redbarn Pet Products is one of the most transparent companies in the pet food industry, which inspired me to speak with a representative of their company to find out why this is so important. I was able to chat with Lindsay Tracy, their director of new business and product development about transparency in the industry and why pet owners should be looking for this quality in the companies they support.

In this interview, Lindsay discusses the importance of knowing where pet food ingredients are sourced, and why it’s not always best to focus on ingredients sourced in the USA. She’ll also talk about some of the beneficial ingredients that you should be looking for and the unhealthy ingredients that you need to avoid when choosing a diet for your pet.

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