TOP 073: Can Your Dog Compete in Dock Diving Sport? ft. Kristen Cooper

Dock diving has been a popular dog sport in the pet industry for decades. In recent years it has grown substantially. I recently stumbled onto the sport with a little from our Labrador Retriever, Saddie. Saddie loves the water and took to dock diving very quickly. It’s something that her and I both enjoy!

Today I’m speaking with Kristen Cooper, who has been involved with dock diving in various capacities. From training to competing,  Kristen has firsthand experience to share with us. She has even served as a judge for competitions in recent years. In this interview she explains more about the sport for beginners and tells advanced dock diving handlers how they can get involved in the competition circle.

Dock diving may not be a good fit for every dog, but if your pup loves the water there is a good chance he’ll enjoy this sport with a little practice. As Kristen explains, it may take some time and patience to get him off the dock the first time, but once your pooch gets over those initial nerves, it may just be his new favorite pastime.

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