TOP 074: How to Get Started with Dog Agility Training ft. Cindy Swiney

Canine agility has been a popular sport for decades. It’s something that I have recently taken up with our Labrador, Saddie. I’ve seen the benefits of this sport firsthand, and I’ve also seen just how exciting and rewarding it can be for our canine companions.

Today I’m speaking with Cindy Swiney, she has been involved with the sport in various capacities  since 1990. Cindy has trained many dogs and competed on various levels in the field of agility. In this interview she explains more about the sport for beginners and tells advanced agility handlers how they can get involved in the competition circle.

As you’ll hear Cindy mention in this interview, virtually any dog can try agility to some degree. Whether your dog is a young athlete or a slower senior, there are obstacles that are suitable for all breeds and ages. You can participate by setting up a couple of obstacles in your backyard or training at a canine agility facility in your local area.

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