TOP 075: What Are Sheepdog Trials and Are They Safe ft. Bridget Strang

What exactly are sheepdog trials? Have you ever watched this fascinating dog sport on television or seen a YouTube video of these amazing dogs at work? I’m captivated by the dedication of the dogs and handlers that compete in sheepdog trials, and I wanted to learn more about the sport.

To do that, I spoke with Bridget Strang of the National Finals Sheepdog Trials. I wanted to learn more about the history of the sport and what exactly the dogs are required to do. I also wondered if the sport was safe for the dog and the sheep?

Bridget helped to answer these questions and tell me more about the dogs that perform best in these trials and the benefits of this sport for dogs and their handlers. If you’ve ever wondered how to get involved in sheepdog trials, Bridget has some tips on that subject too!

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