TOP 093: What Is Sniffspot and How It Helps to Mentally Stimulate Pets ft. David Adams

Proper mental stimulation is imperative to your dog’s overall health and well-being. Like us, our dogs get bored doing the same mundane things day after day. Playing with the same toys, eating the same food and sniffing around the same yard will get monotonous over time. While it’s difficult to change up Fido’s schedule every day, Sniffspot is making it a lot easier to find new places for your dog to roam whenever you have the time for an outing.

David Adams is the founder of Sniffspot, a company that allows anyone to open their property to dog owners looking for a new space for their pooch to explore. As David explains in this interview, providing mental stimulation is a necessary part of responsible dog ownership. Find out more about Sniffspot and how you can make money by allowing dog owners to use your space by listening to this podcast episode.

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