TOP 098: What Are Organic Pet Grooming Products and Should You Use Them

Choosing high quality grooming products for your dog will have a positive impact no his overall health and well-being. It may even increase his life expectancy. I know this sounds like an extreme statement, but it’s true. Many dangerous ingredients found in a majority of pet grooming products have been linked to life threatening conditions including cancer, organ damage and neurological problems.

Today, I’m discussing the dangers of low-quality commercial pet grooming products. I spoke with Julie Creed, VP of Sales and Marketing for Pura Naturals Pet, to get some information on the importance of choosing safe grooming products and what types of ingredients pet owners should be looking for. In this podcast episode, you’ll learn about labeling loopholes that some companies use to pass their grooming products off as safe, but that may not actually be the case.

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