TOP 117: The Importance of Digestive Health in Dogs ft. Rei Kawano

Digestive health is a topic that is greatly underserved in the pet food industry, and vastly underappreciated by pet owners. Most pet parents believe that feeding a high quality food is equivalent to caring for their pet’s digestive health. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

If your pet’s gut health is not balanced, their body cannot properly digest food. So, no matter how good the food is, their body won’t be able to get the nutrients it needs from the meal. In this podcast episode, I spoke with Rei Kawano, Co-founder and CEO of Heed Foods.

This relatively new company has taken a different approach to creating high quality meals for dogs. Not only are they focused on using the healthiest ingredients, they are also determined to help pet owners care for their dog’s digestive health. Find out more about the importance of proper digestive health and how you can get your dog’s digestive tract back on track in this episode.

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