TOP 118: What Is Human-Grade Pet Food? ft. Tom Arrix

Picking the right type of nutrition for your dogs and cats can be quite overwhelming for pet owners. There are so many options to choose from. How do you know which product is the best choice for your furry companion?  Reading labels can be confusing, and online research is time consuming.

Tom Arrix is the founder of Joy Food, a fairly new pet food company that builds vet-designed, curated meals for your pet from fresh and wholesome ingredients. In 2018, one of Tom’s dogs became very sick. He worked with his vet to change the dog’s diet, and quickly saw a direct correlation between the quality of food and his dog’s quality of life.

In this podcast episode, Tom discusses why he decided to create a new pet food company instead of buying a product that was already available. He also tells us about the ingredients he uses, and why he chooses these ingredients. He’ll talk about what a human-grade dog food diet is and why it’s important for your pup.

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