TOP 085: How Grooming Benefits Your Pet’s Health ft. Tim Vogel

All dogs require grooming from time to time. Of course, some breeds require much more grooming than others. Every dog needs their ears cleaned, nails trimmed, teeth brushed and should be bathed occasionally. Did you know that keeping your dog well-groomed will aid in his overall health and well-being?

Tim Vogel, founder and CEO of Scenthound, has built a grooming business that focuses on caring for a dog’s overall health, not just his coat. When most pet owners think about grooming, bathing and brushing are the two topics that come to mind. While keeping your dog’s skin and coat shiny and healthy should be a priority, there is a lot more to grooming than just that.

In this podcast episode, Tim explains the importance of regular grooming for ALL dogs and how to find a groomer that is right for you and your pooch. He also discusses how he started Scenthound and why he wanted to create a grooming business unlike any other.

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